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Recordings from 2017 Spring Chinese Folk Music Concert

1.Wind & Percussion Ensemble - Flower Umbrella and Orchid PlayDownload this Song
2.Jinghu & Orchestra - Deep NightPlayDownload this Song
3.Piano Solo - Picking Tea Leaves and Catching ButterfliesPlayDownload this Song
4.Violin & Chinese Opera - On the FlowerPlayDownload this Song
5.Viola Solo - When I met you PlayDownload this Song
6.Viola Solo - Apres un RevePlayDownload this Song
7.Cello Choir - Star War's Melody PlayDownload this Song
8.Cello Choir - Spring BreezePlayDownload this Song
9.Erhu & Violin - New Year's EvePlayDownload this Song
10.Erhu & Violin - Por una Cabeza PlayDownload this Song
11.Zheng Solo - A Night-mooring PlayDownload this Song
12.Chinese Intrument Ensemble - The Dance of Golden SnakePlayDownload this Song
13.Chinese Intrument Ensemble - Swan GeesePlayDownload this Song
14.Chinese Instrument Ensemble - Horse RacingPlayDownload this Song
15.Soprano - Plum Blossom SongPlayDownload this Song
16.Pipa Concerto - Hua Mu-LanPlayDownload this Song
17.Cello - Erhu duet - Chrysanthemum TerracePlayDownload this Song