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Recordings from 2017 Spring Chinese Folk Music Concert

1.Drums: Bull fighting TigerPlayDownload this Song
2.Orchestral: Spring Festival OverturePlayDownload this Song
3.Piano Solo: The Cowherd's FlutePlayDownload this Song
4.Viola Solo: BerceusePlayDownload this Song
5.Viola Solo: RomancePlayDownload this Song
6.Guzheng trio: Spring on Xiang RiverPlayDownload this Song
7.Accordion solo: Lake Baikal PlayDownload this Song
8.Accordion solo: Spain MatadorPlayDownload this Song
9.Erhu & Guzheng: A Flickering CandlelightPlayDownload this Song
10.Guzheng Solo: Celebrating the Lantern FestivalPlayDownload this Song
11.Dizi Unison: Busily Carting GrainPlayDownload this Song
12.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:1 OverturePlayDownload this Song
13.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:2 Longing in VainPlayDownload this Song
14.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:3 The Tragic Story of Xiang LingPlayDownload this Song
15.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:4 Handkerchief MelodyPlayDownload this Song
16.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:5 Night of Autumn RainPlayDownload this Song
17.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:6 Leaving Home for MarriagePlayDownload this Song
18.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:7 Poem of Flower BurialPlayDownload this Song