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Audio: 2020 New Year Concert

1.Erhu & Orchestra: Yangliuqing PlayDownload this Song
2.Zhong Ruan Solo: A Remote SongPlayDownload this Song
3.Guzheng Ensemble: Melodies from the Silver ScreenPlayDownload this Song
4.Percussion Ensemble: The Quarreling DucksPlayDownload this Song
5.Cello Ensemble: 1-Taiwanese Fold Song-Sring Breeze; 2-Fung Yang Flower DrumPlayDownload this Song
6.Chinese Folk Sonk - Scenery WuxiPlayDownload this Song
7.Cantonese Music: Early Spring at Mountain VillagePlayDownload this Song
8.Pipa & Percussion: The Conqueror UnarmsPlayDownload this Song
9.Erhu Solo: Love Song of HonglouPlayDownload this Song
10.Guzheng Solo: Fisherman's Song at DuskPlayDownload this Song
11.Accordion SOlo: Climbing Tiger MountainPlayDownload this Song
12.Erhu and Chorus:Reflections of the Moon on Lake ErquanPlayDownload this Song
13.Soprano: Memories of JiangnanPlayDownload this Song
14.Erhu & Cello: Chrysanthemum TerracePlayDownload this Song
15.Encore:Radetzky MarchPlayDownload this Song

Recordings from 2019 Fall Concert

1.Chinese Folk Ensemble: Full Moon, Gorgeous Flowers PlayDownload this Song
2.Taiwanese Folk Song: Mending FishnetPlayDownload this Song
3.Erhu Duo: ZizhuDiaoPlayDownload this Song
4.Erhu Duo: Half Moon RisingPlayDownload this Song
5.Guzheng Ensemble - Moonlight over Spring RiverPlayDownload this Song
6.Erhu Unison: Laputa: Castle in the SkyPlayDownload this Song
7.Zhong Ruan Solo: NocturnePlayDownload this Song
8.Beijing Opera: Zhe Gu TianPlayDownload this Song
9.Vocal Solo: When you are OldPlayDownload this Song
10.Pipa Solo: Fishermen's Song at EventidePlayDownload this Song
11.Erhu and Chorus:Reflections of the Moon on Lake ErquanPlayDownload this Song
12.Guzheng Solo: High Mountains and Flowing WaterPlayDownload this Song
13.Chinese Drum Perfomance: Fishermen's Triumphant SongPlayDownload this Song
14.Erhu and Orchestra: Sanshili PuPlayDownload this Song
15.Chinese Folk Song: Fresh FlowerPlayDownload this Song

Recordings from 2019 New Year Concert

1.Erhu & Orchestra: Taiwanse Folk Song - Bāng Chhun-hongPlayDownload this Song
2.Percussion Ensemble: Flying Dragan and Jumping TigerPlayDownload this Song
3.Erhu Ensemble: Dance of the TajiksPlayDownload this Song
4.Accordion Solo: Dance of the YaoPlayDownload this Song
5.Cello Ensemble: Music from La La LandPlayDownload this Song
6.Cello Ensemble: Marcha de CaballeriaPlayDownload this Song
7.Erhu Solo: Honghu CapriccioPlayDownload this Song
8.Peking Opera: Zuo Gong(Sitting in the Palace)PlayDownload this Song
9.Chinese Drum Solo: Flying on the DrumPlayDownload this Song
10.Zheng & Orchestra: Lotus Emerging out of WaterPlayDownload this Song
11.Chinese Contemporary Opera: Xiao Er-Hei's Marriage -Clear Water and Blue Sky PlayDownload this Song
12.Zhongran & Orchestra:The PrairriePlayDownload this Song
13.Chinse Folk Ensemble: Full Moon, Gorgeous FlowersPlayDownload this Song

Recordings from Chinese Traditioal Music Concert at Jade Buddha Temple

1.Budhi Choir:Heart SutraPlayDownload this Song
2.Budhi Choir:West LakePlayDownload this Song
3.Erhu Unison and Piano: Silk RoadPlayDownload this Song
4.Xiao & Guzheng: Medicating in the Buddhist TemplePlayDownload this Song
5.Acoordion Solo: Chinese StylePlayDownload this Song
6.Vocal with Guita Playing:Zebra,ZebraPlayDownload this Song
7.GuzhengSolo:Song of Mulberry Field of QinPlayDownload this Song
8.Yongqin Duet: Turkish MarchPlayDownload this Song
9.Erhu Unison: Tour of BejingPlayDownload this Song
10.Erhu Unison: Galloping HorsesPlayDownload this Song
11.Ruan Solo: Camel Bell Along the Silk RoadPlayDownload this Song
12.Erhu & Orchestra: Riser of SorrowPlayDownload this Song
13.Jinghu & Orchestra: Admire the Autumn on HorsebackPlayDownload this Song

Recordings from 2017 Spring Chinese Folk Music Concert

1.Drums: Bull fighting TigerPlayDownload this Song
2.Orchestral: Spring Festival OverturePlayDownload this Song
3.Piano Solo: The Cowherd's FlutePlayDownload this Song
4.Viola Solo: BerceusePlayDownload this Song
5.Viola Solo: RomancePlayDownload this Song
6.Guzheng trio: Spring on Xiang RiverPlayDownload this Song
7.Accordion solo: Lake Baikal PlayDownload this Song
8.Accordion solo: Spain MatadorPlayDownload this Song
9.Erhu & Guzheng: A Flickering CandlelightPlayDownload this Song
10.Guzheng Solo: Celebrating the Lantern FestivalPlayDownload this Song
11.Dizi Unison: Busily Carting GrainPlayDownload this Song
12.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:1 OverturePlayDownload this Song
13.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:2 Longing in VainPlayDownload this Song
14.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:3 The Tragic Story of Xiang LingPlayDownload this Song
15.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:4 Handkerchief MelodyPlayDownload this Song
16.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:5 Night of Autumn RainPlayDownload this Song
17.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:6 Leaving Home for MarriagePlayDownload this Song
18.Dream of the Red Chamber Suite:7 Poem of Flower BurialPlayDownload this Song

Recordings from Tompkins High School Charity Concert

1.Percussion Ensemble - Tiger Grinding Teeth PlayDownload this Song
2.Chinese Folk Song - Jasmine FlowerPlayDownload this Song
3.Banhu Solo - Opera Music from HebeiPlayDownload this Song
4.Yangqing Duet - Turkish March, South of NanshanPlayDownload this Song
5.Guzheng Solo - Yili River PlayDownload this Song
6.Guzheng Trio - Plum BlossomPlayDownload this Song
7.Piano Solo - Liuyang River PlayDownload this Song
8.Erhu Solo - Sanmen Gorge CapriccioPlayDownload this Song
9.Violin Concerto - Butterfly LoversPlayDownload this Song

Recordings from 2017 Spring Chinese Folk Music Concert

1.Wind & Percussion Ensemble - Flower Umbrella and Orchid PlayDownload this Song
2.Jinghu & Orchestra - Deep NightPlayDownload this Song
3.Piano Solo - Picking Tea Leaves and Catching ButterfliesPlayDownload this Song
4.Violin & Chinese Opera - On the FlowerPlayDownload this Song
5.Viola Solo - When I met you PlayDownload this Song
6.Viola Solo - Apres un RevePlayDownload this Song
7.Cello Choir - Star War's Melody PlayDownload this Song
8.Cello Choir - Spring BreezePlayDownload this Song
9.Erhu & Violin - New Year's EvePlayDownload this Song
10.Erhu & Violin - Por una Cabeza PlayDownload this Song
11.Zheng Solo - A Night-mooring PlayDownload this Song
12.Chinese Intrument Ensemble - The Dance of Golden SnakePlayDownload this Song
13.Chinese Intrument Ensemble - Swan GeesePlayDownload this Song
14.Chinese Instrument Ensemble - Horse RacingPlayDownload this Song
15.Soprano - Plum Blossom SongPlayDownload this Song
16.Pipa Concerto - Hua Mu-LanPlayDownload this Song
17.Cello - Erhu duet - Chrysanthemum TerracePlayDownload this Song

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